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Mount Sinai MIT Quest

Our tests

We test blood + saliva and we measure
results by looking at biomarkers.
At-Home Finger Prick
We use a lancet finger-prick method to collect blood samples on a DBS (dried blood spot) card or microtainer. Our blood tests measure the hormone and vitamin levels that help explain why we feel a certain way.
At-Home Saliva
We use our saliva collection to measure the hormone levels that collect in your salivary glands. We use a single tube or multiple tube collection method throughout the day intended to capture hormone levels during a specific time frame.
Quest Diagnostics
You always have the option to go to a local Quest Diagnostics, with the exception of New York, instead an at-home finger prick collection. Any of the finger-prick tests can be replaced with a Quest Lab blood draw.


We are highly selective about the labs we partner with.
Our labs
Physician Reviewed
Physician Reviewed
Tests ordered and reviewed by a board-certified physician facilitated by our technology.
Biomarker Analysis
Biomarker Analysis
We monitor hormone levels, vitamin levels, neurotransmitters and blood cell markers. Contact us for more info.
Certified Labs
Certified Labs
Our labs are safe and they are CLIA and CAP certified. We make sure to choose the best national labs for you.

the highest standards of quality

We are highly selective about the labs we partner with, we employ a team of talented and experienced medical and clinical professionals to ensure our 3rd-party partner labs offer tests that meet the highest standards of quality.

Blood and saliva samples are all instructed by qualified health professionals. All our samples are analyzed in third party accredited laboratories (CPA and CLIA approved).
Learn more about CLIA & clinical laboratory quality

How do we calculate our scores?


Murdoc KhaleghiMD

Founding Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of health tech ventures. Investor and entrepreneurship professor. Previous healthcare CMIO and emergency medicine CEO/Director. More importantly, I try to be a kind person.


Faculty, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Director of the Mount Sinai Physiolab. Expert in disease prevention, lifestyle medicine & human performance.

Maurice BeerMD

Functional Medicine. Mount Sinai Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital, graduated from Columbia College and New York Medical College. He was also director of New York Medical College’s general medical clinic.
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